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Stuart Ellis Myers

What would you do if, out of the blue, your work life turned upside down? What if you went from being a happy, healthy, normal worker who suddenly became an anxious, depressed, twitchy mess of devastating proportion? This is exactly what happened to Stuart Ellis-Myers. At the age of eight, Stuart began to develop one of the most misunderstood mental illnesses of our time . . . Tourette’s Syndrome. Faced with the prospect of a lifetime of frustration, isolation, and shame – the typical reaction to this condition – Stuart instead chose to make his life into something remarkable. He now speaks 859 + times across North America on ‘Mental Health to Mental Wealth’. In his sessions Stuart uses the work, home and life lessons he learned through fifty (50) years living and working with this often emotionally crippling disorder. As a result, he helps countless others working in leadership & safety to reduce the stigma deeply associated with workplace dual diagnosis, mental illness offering a proven pathway return to regular health. Twitchy’s insights have enabled him to share his own, often painful mental health to mental wealth experiences in such a way as to offer a real and immediately usable methodology that workplace leaders can now rely on to manage the mental health issues that face one in five of their people. The countless physical and psychological manifestations of our increasingly high stress, deadline fixated working lives are made clearer to understand and easier to change through his simple and effective system of positive mental health to mental wealth change.